Ambient Foley One Shots

Alternative Percussion Samples


Ambient Foley One Shots (AFOS) is for the composers and producers who want to layer their sounds with organic, natural elements in order to create complex textures and sophisticated detail.

These one-shots can be transformed into a variety of sonic environments; from elegant digital/organic hybrid one-shots to hard-hitting hyper-electronic drum percussion.

Additionally. we've included 5 of our own production kits to get you started. Also, these samples can be used as overlay for foley / ASMR projects to immerse your viewers with earthly realism.

Recorded in the heart of the Ashdown Forest, AFOS brings the sound of the English countryside to your productions.

  • Foley - 201x .wavs
  • Kits - 46x .wavs
  • Total Samples - 247x .wavs


Computer Music Magazine

"Turn busted tree branch snaps into dope percussion, bird chirps into multi-layered textures, or stretch stream sounds out into moody pads. These 200+ kits and hits may be from the earth, but with a little imagination you can send them out of this world. 9/10"