Sample Pack

Beatbox Kits

We had a veteran beatboxer record himself then produced those sounds into a variety of creative and unique sample kits.

In a similar way to Ludere Kits, we challenged ourselves to transform these rudimentary sounds into 15 comprehensive kits in the styles of 80s Drum Machine, ASMR, Boombox, Drill Grime, Dub, Future Bass, Glitch, House, Lofi, R&B, Retro Game, Robotic, Slams, Smashed & Trap.

Included are both 180 produced samples as well as the 95 dry source samples, so you too can challenge your production skills and sculpt your own signature sounds.

Produced Sounds: 30x Kicks, 30x Snares,15x Clap / Whips, 30x Perc, 30x Hats, 15x Bass, 14x FX, 14x Melodic One Shot, 2x Cymbal.

Dry Sounds: 9x Bass, 9x Breaths / Chants, 10x Shakers, 12x FX / Transitions, 6x Hats, 15x Kicks, 7x Open Hats, 7x Snaps, 10x Snares, 10x Toms

Total - 275x 48kHz 24-bit .wav files.