VST3, AU, AAX & AUv3


  • Produce thick, rich chorus textures with up to 32 voices.
  • Explore traditional chorus sounds and natural realistic unisons.
  • Add movement and character to your tracks with unique modulation shapes.
  • Enjoy the straightforward, elegant design in your new and powerful chorus effect.


Control whether the whole signal or a specific frequency range is affected using a Low-Pass, Band-Pass or High-Pass filter. Refine it further with 'Cutoff' and 'Resonance' control.


Add texture by pitch shifting your incoming audio from -12 to + 12 semitones, retain character with 'Preserve Formants' and balance the dry/wet signal using 'Pitch Amount'.


With 2 to 32 powerful voices, use 'Rate' to set speed, 'Phase' to spread modulation phase and 'Depth' to set intensity. Spread the timing of the voices using 'Looseness'.


Use 'Spread' to to pan voices over the stereo field, 'Flip CH' to invert modulation in the right channel and use 'Width' to apply mid/side widening.


Add some character with 'Warm' mode; bringing 3.5dB of analogue saturation. Engage 'Dark' mode to roll off the high frequencies of the audio.


Choric works fantastically in a variety of uses and comes jam-packed with 50 presets in Classic, Guitar, Keys, Synth, Vocal and Misc Folders.


Computer Music

Performance Award

"Choric really does open up immeasurable possibilities for creativity, while also being simple to use .. Way more than just another chorus plugin, offering rich scope to manipulate and evolve your sounds to the next level 9/10"

Future Music

Music Magazine

"Choric is a fresh, creative but easy-to-use take on the more classic chorus and ensemble sounds. "

Attack Magazine

Music Production Magazine

"While there are plenty of chorus plugins on the market, there are none that we know of that do things quite like Choric. It's got the basic bases covered but where it really excels is when you push things into experimental territory. It's not often you can say that a chorus plugin can be creatively inspiring but that's just what Choric is. "

Ask Audio

Online Education Community

"Choric is a fantastic modulation plugin. Its filter and pitch shift sections set it apart from other modulation plugins and make it one of the most versatile chorus plugin available. Whether you want to add subtle depth and width to your sound or create elaborate modulation FX and textures, Choric will surely deliver."

Reid Stefan

Realest Puppet in the Game

"Mix huge chorus effects with one vocalist 🔥 add multiple voices, width, and depth to your mix with customizable pitch and variations."

Arsiney Music

Producer/Songwriter/Sound Designer

"A really cool twist, it takes a chorus plugin to a whole new level ... this thing is fire bro, it sounds like velvet meets underwater madness."

System Requirements


Requires Windows 7 or higher. VST3 & AAX (AAX is 64-bit only).


Requires macOS 10.13 or higher (64-bit only). AU, VST3 & AAX. Native Apple Silicon support.

iOS & iPadOS

Requires iOS 11 or higher. Standalone and AUv3.

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