Sample Pack

Hyper Flex

Synthetic, digital and modern, Hyper Flex is a sample pack inspired by the avant-garde maximalism and experimentalism of Hyperpop. Whether it's squeaky synths, bent percussions, tonal kicks or in-your-face FX, Hyper Flex has you covered for all the eccentric and exaggerated noises you'll need.

Stylistic synthesis and sound design techniques such as frequency modulation and digital clipping have made this pack expressive, unusual and, most importantly, fun!

31x Kicks, 30x Snares, 15x Claps, 30x Hats, 15x Cymbal, 17x FX, 31x Percussion, 19x Sub One Shots, 16x Synth One Shots

Total - 204x 48kHz 24-bit .wav files.