Caelum Audio Licence Control

Download, install and licence our plugins from our new optional application.

Easily Download and Manage Plugins

  1. Download and install Caelum Audio Licence Control using the links above.
  2. Open Caelum Audio Licence Control to view all available plugins.
  3. Click "Download" followed by "Install" to install any products you own/want to demo.
  4. Click "Register" to licence your plugin/s. This will display a text entry box for you to enter your licence code. Enter your code and click "Accept" and your plugin will be activated. Please see below for information about offline activation.
  5. Check back occasionally for updates.
  6. Enjoy your plugins!

Offline Installation

  1. To licence a plugin offline, install Caelum Audio Licence Control on the computer that the plugin will be used.
  2. From Caelum Audio Licence Control, click "Register" on the required produce before clicking "Offline Activation".
  3. Email the generated offline activation code (shown below inside the red box) to along with your plugin licence code which can be found from the Licences page in your account. Tip: click "Copy Offline Activation Code" to copy your code to your clipboard.
  4. Wait for support to send you a response key.
  5. Enter your plugin licence code and your new response key into the two text fields and click "Accept" to licence your plugin.