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If you want your tracks to be energetic, in-your-face and bold, make 'em "Schlap". Schlap is a characterful, colourful and aggressive sounding program-dependent compressor. It takes inspiration from hardware RMS compressors of the past and evolves them into a modern setting.

The compressor uses a program-dependent attack and release influenced by old hardware making the compression sound characterful and dynamic. The RMS detection means that Schlap detects the average loudness of a signal, resulting in sudden short peaks being uncompressed so that they can attack hard and sound heavy hitting. Also inherently in RMS detection, there is a slight delay in compression which allows the initial, early transients to sneak through uncompressed so they keep their punch.

You've got a safe, controlled track you think you're happy with, but you have to ask yourself... "Does it Schlap?"


Available as: VST3 for Windows, AU + VST3 for MacOS, AUv3 + IAA + standalone app for iOS and iPadOS. Please ensure your DAW supports one of these formats.


Versatile Ratios

Schlap gives 4 styles of ratios to choose from:

  • 0.1:1 to 0.9:1 for expansion and gate effects.
  • 1:1 to 20:1 for standard compression.
  • ∞:1 for infinite limiting compression.
  • -20:1 to -1:1 for characterful over-compression.

More than just tasteful and characterful compression, Schlap can absolutely crush a track into compressive oblivion, accentuate the transients of an overly room-y drum track or use negative ratios to mould a signal into reversive dynamic strangeness.


Sidechain Control

Schlap's sidechain can either use the internal signal to calculate the gain reduction or an external signal via the sidechain bus input to calculate gain reduction.

In both these circumstances the sidechain signal can be filtered so that the compressor only responds to specific frequencies. This filtering can in turn be shaped using the Low Pass Filter (LPF) and High Pass Filter (HPF) knobs.

The Low Pass Filter and High Pass Filter knobs both range from 1Hz to 22000Hz.


To try before you buy: Schlap Demo (A Caelum Audio account is required)


Download: Manual v1.0

System Requirements

OSX 10.11 and above AU and VST3. Windows 7 and above VST3. On iOS Schlap is both a stand-alone application as well as an AUv3 plugin, meaning it works within iOS hosts such as GarageBand. An internet connection is required to licence the plugin.


VST Compatible VST Compatible


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